Dr Parikh D.D.S. , FAGD

“I grew up extremely self-conscious of my “crooked” teeth. I covered my mouth when I laughed and I learned to hide my teeth in pictures. I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get braces. I wore braces just over two years (which seemed like an eternity) and whitened my teeth my freshman year in college. Wow! What a difference 2 years in braces and whitening made in my smile and my life. Your smile is one of the first things another person notices about you. It was no wonder that I wasn’t the only one impressed by my new and improved look. I began receiving compliments about my “perfect” teeth and “perfect” smile. Those were comments I had never heard before. I believe Orthodontics (Braces) is one of dentistry’s greatest gifts. It is one of the most gratifying treatments that I provide in my office.”

Dr. Shirley Parikh, DDS, FAGD, is an extensively trained dentist who emphasizes education and personalizing care for her patients at her practice, Bristles Family Dentistry in Houston.

As someone who grew up self-conscious about her crooked teeth, Dr. Parikh relates to her patients and offers sincere compassion for their needs and cosmetic desires. She understands the gratifying effects of orthodontic treatments and is committed to making her patients’ smiles wider and brighter.

Driven by her passion for helping people overcome dental insecurities, she embarked on her career as a general dentist at the University of Houston where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. She went on to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry to become a board-certified dentist. As a student and professional, Dr. Parikh has consistently held influential positions in various dental associations that beckoned her leadership and contribution.

She has a decade of experience under her belt and more than 1,000 continuing education hours in the last 6 years. She strives for excellence in her practice and you’re sure to get her best every time. She has integrated the best technology to best serve her patients. She uses cadcam technology to digitally scan and design your dental crowns and veneers.

Dr Parikh and her husband are Houston natives and proud University of Houston alumni. They live in Oak Forest and enjoy supporting community sports and events. They enjoy traveling with their children and exploring new places.

She enjoys morning runs, yoga and her Peloton to relax her body and mind.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Parikh at Bristles Family Dentistry and learn why patients opt for her treatment and skills.

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