The team at Bristles Family Dentistry provides dental procedures and treatments with your comfort in mind. An appointment at the practice ensures you’ll receive the highest quality of dental work and care available, from your initial consultation to the finishing touches.

Amenities to foster your relaxation include complimentary nitrous oxide, soft blankets, and movies that stream from our ceiling mounted TV’s — all provided to accommodate for patients who might be feeling anxious. Bristles Family Dentistry also employs advanced technology that helps procure accurate and efficient dental methods, such as digital radiographs, intraoral cameras, and an optical scanner that takes a digital impression of your full mouth.

The staff at Bristles Family Dentistry works for your satisfaction and will be available before, during, and after your dental procedure to ensure the desired results. The practice will email and send you text reminders to update you on the status of your upcoming appointment. You can also expect follow-up calls after your appointment, which helps the team confirm your oral health and satisfaction.